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"Christmas, Valentine's Day, and now Family Day. There ought to be a day for us-just singles".  

Family Day weekend really lived up to its name this year. On Saturday, our family celebrated the marriage of my dear niece Kimberly to her long-time love Cole. Together with my 90 year old mother, my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, it was one very happy occasion. At 1:00 a.m., I had to ask my mother whether she was finished partying yet so we could leave! A new partnership begun.

On Family Day Monday we gathered again, this time with extended family and friends to celebrate the entrance into Eternal Life of our beloved Aunt Patricia who died peacefully at home one month short of her 97th birthday. As Aunt Patricia loved family, we were grateful that her funeral could happen on Family Day. 

Two life events saturated with loving family.

On Monday evening, I stopped by the Hamilton Out of the Cold Program dinner. One of the guests said, "There's Christmas, then Valentine's Day and now Family Day. There ought to be a day for us-just singles".  She proceeded to remind me that she and many other guests of Out of the Cold do not have any family whatsoever. After such a weekend filled with family for me, it was a stark reminder first to be ever grateful for family and second, to remember that others may not have family and need others to reach out to them and to foster oportunities for friendships to feel like family.

Nancy Sullivan, CSJ
Hamilton Neighbourhood 



February – the most dreaded word in a grade three spelling bee. It is the shortest month of the year, even when once in four it has one day more. For being such a short month it is jammed packed with heart growth full opportunities.

Valentine’s Day (Friday, February 14th) is also known as “Happy Heart Day.” Let’s take it beyond mushy, let’s make it real. We think with fondness on the ones we love; this year we could make a special effort to reach out to one or two of those who could benefit from a smile or surprise card. As children, we remember counting our valentines – who received the most or least – the one’s we created for our mothers and fathers.

In our world as it is today we need “Happy Hearts” more than once a year. It will take some work but “it is a small world after all!” Heart to heart – we can make it happen.

A few years ago the Canadian Government decided that there would be a holiday every month of the year. February did not have such a day. So they instituted “Family Day” (Monday, February 17th this year), a wonderful concept for those families who are able to take advantage of it. I was always under the notion that “everyday” was family day. “What a wonderful world it would be.”

As a real plus this year we have the “Winter Olympic Games” that started on Thursday, February 6th in Sochi Russia.

Please explain to me why the unity of coming together every four years (Summer and Winter Olympics) can’t be extended to a broader base. The games are an opportunity for the best athletes from most countries to compete, mingle, and celebrate the best of the best. On the other hand we have Syria, Iraq, Egypt, etc. – their games are devastating, we must not forget the “war games: where nobody wins or celebrates. “Peace on Earth, Good Will TO ALL!”

February – F-e-b-r-u-a-r-y!

Happy Heart!

Happy Family!

Happy Games!

P.S. My apologies to Wiarton Willie and all groundhogs – I forgot to mention February 2nd Groundhog Day. 

Barbara Vaughan, CSJ


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