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From Inside Out

“Each one of us faces questions in all spheres of our lives; and yet the answer to every question lies within our hearts, and is accessible through stillness and love.”  (Daniel Stone, 2010, Evolutionary Leaders)

Underlying the evolutionary process of all that exists, self, culture, and cosmos, is unity or a oneness or wholeness. This unity comes out of Love which is the heart of evolution. This Love energy/force urges us forward from within toward the "more" and also attracts us from the future to be more and become more for the sake of a better world.

As Sisters of St. Joseph we celebrate and promote the Unity of all reality and the Great Love that upholds it all calling us to make choices that help build greater awareness and create structures that are more just and compassionate. 

The interface of science and religion has opened up many questions and offers us new perspectives on the way we see ourselves, our world and our place as humans in this evolving universe. More than any other time in our history, today we are being called to awaken to the awareness that we are all one in the universe:

"As this story of the universe makes clear, everything is connected with everything else; nothing conceivable is isolated. What makes our blood red? Iron. Where does it come from? Scientist and theologian Arthur Peacocke (1924-2006) explains, “Every atom of iron in our blood would not be there had it not been produced in some galactic explosion billions of years ago and eventually condensed to form the iron in the crust of the earth from which we have emerged.” Quite literally, human beings are made of stardust. Furthermore, the story of life’s evolution makes evident that we share with all other living creatures on our planet a common genetic ancestry. Bacteria, pine trees, blueberries, horses, the great gray whales – we are all genetic kin in the great community of life." (Elizabeth Johnson VI International UNIFAS Conference Taken from her talk "Deep Incarnation: Prepare to be Astonished" Rio de Janeiro, July 7–14, 2010)

"Most of us think of evolution as something happening “out there” – in the cosmos, in nature, in biological functions. But did you ever think that this process is happening within you and, more importantly, within us." (Gail Worcelo, SGM. Movement of Grace: Religious Life and the Evolution of Christ Consciousness LCWR Occasional Papers—Winter 2013)

"Evolution is an internal as well as external event; it is not just the outer world that is moving but the deep interior as well." (Thomas Berry)

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