How do we continue to connect the dots?
Monday, August 12, 2013 at 08:21AM
Sisters of St. Joseph in Food Security, climate change, connect the dots

In May of 2012, heads turned as a series of circular signs appeared and dotted our front yard facing busy Windermere Road. The words on the signs identified some of the issues and problems facing our world today: extreme weather, pollution, health, food security, the economy. The display was inspirational and prompted us to connect the issues on the signs to climate change.

Throughout the month, we have focused on the global invitation to participate in a tangible, active manner in “connecting the dots” and making small, important changes.

The spring rains have been less than plentiful and lakes are receding. We need to think twice before soaking the lawn or washing the car. Preserve tap water that is wasted in waiting for cold water to become hot. Use this water for watering plants, etc. Shortening shower time and drying clothes on the line are other ways to save water and energy.

Although early frosts have decimated some orchards and bees are dying due to ingesting pollen laced with pesticides, we can still seek out rural markets and support local farmers who rely on our business. Produce purchased close to home is fresher and more nutritious than that which travels many miles to market.   

Although the circular signs on the lawn will disappear at the end of this week, our call to be responsible global citizens is urgently before us, calling us to action. In making local choices that help to sustain our earth, we are connecting the dots with the global community. Enjoy creating significant changes!


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