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Beautiful to behold but so unreal!

Mary had a little lamb. Mary, Mary, quite contrary. Mary Jane shoes. Mary Brown’s chicken. So many Mary’s!! Most important Mary?? Mary of Nazareth!

So let us pray . . .

  • Mary, mother of the first Christmas gift—JESUS.
  • Mary, model of home-makers no matter where—stable, hovel, townhouse, or mansion.
  • Mary, model for third-class travellers (she walked or rode a donkey).
  • Mary, example for new mothers (not even a rocking chair, no disposable diapers, and no formula).
  • Mary, unassuming.
  • Mary, who knew what it meant to be a refugee.
  • Mary, who with Joseph, guided Jesus through his childhood and teen years.
  • Mary, who supported her son’s career and choice of friends. (Motley crew that they were.)
  • Mary, who empathizes with other widows and widowers.

So much artwork depicts Mary in an idealistic fashion (beautiful to behold but so unreal). Where is the sweat on her brow or spots on her clothes? There were hangnails, cuts, and bruises, many a bad hair day, I’m sure.

We are forever grateful to this young girl who gifted us with her son, Jesus—the son of God. Let’s see her as she really lived, a truly human person with gifts and flaws. This makes her a practical, ideal model for all of God’s children.

Mary, be with us as we journey, especially be a presence to the parents of teenage children. Last week I heard two mothers talking: “My 14 year old daughter received a message from another 14 year old ‘Lets party and get smashed.’” Fourteen years old!

Remember when Jesus was lost in the temple at twelve?

Yes Mary, we are in great need of your prayerful support and guidance. Mary surely understands the anguish of parents trying to guide their teenage children. They can share the word “panic.”

Hail Mary! Holy Mary! Human Mary! Prayer for us!

Barbara Vaughan, CSJ

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Reader Comments (1)

Im inte process of putting together a presentation of the scriptural rosary for lent at our school (jk to 8).We will do the sorrowful mysteries, put to drama. The idea came in prayer one day recently. Please pray for our group. In a time when the rosary isn't on the radar of most students , my hope is that they will experience something hopeful and peaceful. Instead of watching the Walking Dead perhaps their attention be drawn to the Risen One ,Jesus

March 4, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterEleanor

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