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Celebrating Canada Day: We The North 

On July 1, 1867 four British colonies: Canada(provinces of Ontario and Quebec), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick joined together to create the Dominion of Canada. The passage of the Statute of Westminster in 1931 augmented Canada’s power to govern ourselves. With passage of the Constitutions Act in 1982 Canada, composed of ten provinces and three territories, we achieved complete independence from Britain.

Celebrating the victory of the Toronto Raptors was a great prelude to the celebration of Canada Day. Enthusiastic fans watching televised basketball games on the streets, at home, or attending the victory parade in Toronto were the epitome of diversity in unity that is characteristic of our great country. 

We Canadians are a people composed of many faiths, cultures, and ethnic origins.  Most of us arrived in Canada, welcomed by the indigenous Inuit and Indians already here. We are still learning to accept and honour each individual and group as equal and honoured citizens of Canada.

Sports events, such as the public gatherings of Raptor fans, have the power to unite us in a common goal. Community gatherings throughout the country have a similar power to draw people together in celebration of being Canadians. In London, Ontario, Canada Day offers many opportunities to come together, have fun, and contribute to our pride in being Canadian consider participating in:

  • Fireworks displays in parks throughout the City
  • Night Market June 30, 7:00 to 10:00 pm at Dundas Place, Talbot street with local bands, performers, a craft beer garden, food trucks, artisans, local crafts

These events are opportunities to greet your fellow Londoners, celebrate and promote our unity as Canadians. HAPPY CANADA DAY! 

- Sister Patricia McKeon, csj

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