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Weekly Pause &  Ponder

It is because of hope that you suffer.  It is through hope that you’ll change things.

 - Maxime Lagace.   


Welcome to Our  Home

More than once in my travels, I’ve heard an interesting adage concerning hospitality in a business or other endeavor. It explains that upon crossing the threshold of such a place, the attitude of the first person that one meets conveys an enduring impression of the whole enterprise and what occurs there.   Often, I recall this statement in reference to the reception area of our Sisters of St. Joseph London residence.  Countless times a day, the large, glass front doors slide open to admit a variety of people who enter our home for various reasons. 

If you happen to arrive at our residence during the week, you’ll be greeted by a smile and cheery, “Hello.  How may I help you?” from Natalie, our main receptionist and Sister Paulette who fills in for Natalie during breaks and at lunch time.

Although visitors describe our home as a haven of tranquility, the action at the front desk is often brisk with the comings and goings of Sisters and visitors.  Natalie and Sr. Paulette are up to their task taking incoming and outgoing calls, routing and rerouting people arriving for meetings, staff members arriving and leaving, taxis and Voyageur transportation waiting and our dependable driver taking Sisters to appointments and a host of other duties.

Sometimes Natalie’s and Sr. Paulette’s shining interpersonal skills are stretched to the limit when sizable gatherings occur in our spacious front foyer next to the reception area. For example, the Intergenerational Choir of around 70 singers gathers in the foyer to socialize before and after weekly sessions in the acoustically resonant chapel.  Often, Sisters and guests at festive occasions make the wide-open foyer ring with the laughter and joy of happy meetings. On Sundays, neighbours join us for liturgy of Eucharist. Our congregation associates attend special celebrations and meetings; the list continues.  All these events begin in the well-used foyer under the far-seeing eyes of our trusty receptionists.

Through thick and thin, Natalie and Sr. Paulette display good humour and hospitality while exemplifying grace under pressure.   Natalie’s many years of business administration and Sr. Paulette’s four decades as a school principal followed by twenty years as a child and family counsellor have been perfect backgrounds for their task of extending peace, kindness and information from their perch in the little reception area.

Many of us have had the experience of entering an office area where the receptionist fails to nod and greet us. The work at hand seems to be the priority and I am not. However, a busy person on the phone who establishes eye contact, smiles and nods to acknowledge our presence can lift our spirits and relax our bodies as we wait patiently for assistance.  In today’s often hard-nosed world, let’s not forget that simple gestures of kindness and positive regard for others can increase faith and help to make the world a more pleasant place to live.

Let’s make all our encounters times of gracious welcome and friendly hospitality.

 - Sister Jean Moylan, csj


A Labour of  love

Several months ago one of our Associates who is my very dear friend Therese Lecuyer asked a favor of me.  She requested that I make a large double-bed sized quilt in memory of her late husband.  Since this was something very new for me, I considered it a big challenge.  On the one hand I considered it was a delight to do it for her but when she sent me a huge number of her husband ‘s shirts to work with, and when I first received them, I asked myself, ‘What on earth am I going to do with ALL these shirts?’  I continued to stretch my imagination and my gifts of creativity kept surfacing and probing and nudging me with many new ideas including colors, patterns, even the weight of the padding was to be heavier and requiring different new steel needles.  At times I wondered if the machine might be necessary because the thickness of the padding caused some of the steel needles to break.  However, I did not break but steadfastly persevered and have now completed my work with a sense of confidence and competence as I now know my success is not only making a quilt but designing one and the photo of this beautiful quilt will show that it is ‘a precious gift’ and a beautiful labor of love.

Therese, herself, has been very ill and is presently in the Metropolitan Hospital in Windsor.  I trust the quilt will warm her body and her spirit as it brings to mind the joyous memories of their love that is forever.  I love them both and I am very appreciative of continuous learning and creating quilts and having successfully met the challenge of ‘designing’.  Growth is a gift of God and can best be summed up in the following Poem and Praise entitled ‘The Master Weaver’.      - Sister Florian


Our lives are but fine weavings,

that God and we prepare,

each life becomes a fabric planned,

and fashioned in his care …


We may not always see,

just how the weavings intertwine,

but we must trust the master’s hand,

and follow His design.


For He can view the pattern,

upon the upper side,

while we must look from underneath,

and trust in Him to guide.


Sometimes a strand of sorrow,

is added to His plan,

and though it’s difficult for us,

we still must understand.


That it’s He who flies the shuttle,

it’s He who knows what’s best,

so, we must weave in patience,

and leave to Him the rest …


Not till the loom is silent,

and the shuttles cease to fly,

shall God unroll the canvas,

and explain the reason why.


The dark threads are as needed,

in the Weaver’s skillful hand,

as the threads of gold and silver,

in the pattern He has planned.




Weekly Pause &  Ponder

You should think of work as vocation, which comes from the Latin word for calling, which comes from the word for voice. In those meanings it touches on what work really should be ---- something that calls to you, that gives voice to who you are and what you want to say in the world. 

If you found a vocation embrace it.  You have found a way to contribute to the world with love.

Simple Truths: Clear & Gentle Guidance on the Big Issues in Life, by Kent Nerburn


Prayer in Response to the Climate  Emergency

Loving Creator,

You make all things in balance:

sun and moon

earth and sea

fire and ice

so that all Creation might exist in harmony.


We lament that our greed has disrupted this balance.

The climate emergency threatens all existence.


Droughts and flooding

extreme heat and ice storms

coastal erosion and rising sea levels

are increasingly the norm.


To change our climate for the better, we ourselves must change.

We ourselves must be transformed into a new humanity.


Loving Creator, we ask you to make us anew

Open our eyes – to see the beauty of Creation

Open our ears – to hear the prophets speaking Truth among us

Open our arms – to embrace our neighbours, human and other-than-human

Open our hands – to do the work that must be done

Open our hearts – to be instruments of Love in the world


Embolden us and our political leaders to take action now.

For act we must.


Prayer prior to the UN Summit on Climate Action, and Federal elections in Canada

UISG Canadian constellations —September 1, 2019.


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