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Summer days are upon us and we will kick back a bit and have a more relaxed posting schedule for our blogs. 

You will still see new content and some suggestions for some summer reading but we will very much be in summer mode!


A Tale of Two  Summers

Calmly, I sit by my window on a rainy, late August morning, my thoughts roll back to earlier summer months. May comes to mind with its early spring buds. Daffodils, narcissus, tulips push through the warming ground to bright sunlight.  June explodes with nature in full bloom.  Birds cheer from the thicket, trees burst forth in full leaf, and grass is green and lush.

July and August offer months of freedom for children to cherish. Brides and grooms offer their lives to each other. For students, it’s a time of happy holidays. Fun and freedom abound as life changes gears. Family vacations, staycations and everything in between become the norm.  Reunions, barbecues and outdoor living spring up everywhere.  Regular, bountiful rain and life-giving showers are generously bestowed on the earth and gratefully received.

However, as I ponder wonderful summer, an unease stirs within me. The rain seems wetter, colder, more persistent under thick, low-hanging gray skies.  My mind turns to those in our beloved country who suffer under forest fires and long for blessed rain to relieve their misery.  Theirs has been a summer of danger and grief bringing with it lives forever changed.  While we have rejoiced these many weeks, they have lived with despair.

Musing on life’s blessings and challenges, I sense in the air a hint of fall to come.  Nostalgia visits my heart. Summer is waning. Sunrise appears a little later; I begin the struggle of rising in the dark.  Is this the first whiff of the coming cocooning and hibernation?  Holidays are dwindling. Stores are hacking back-to-school supplies. Routine is on the horizon.

Sadly, there were no holidays, barbecues or fun in the sun for families in the furnace of forest fires. I wonder will their workplaces still exist?  Will children return to school as usual?  One can only hope and pray for winds to turn direction and copious rain to fall upon the burning inferno. Meanwhile, let us hold in our hearts those who knew not summer’s joys. - Sr. Jean Moylan, csj


‘Ordinary Time’

According to the church calendar we are now in “Ordinary Time.” I don’t know about you but is there any such animal? Could it be because it is “summer time and the living is easy?” Walking the dusty roads of Galilee in the heat – living was not easy. Jesus’ life was never humdrum. Ordinary time for most of us is defined as ‘the work week;” weekends are meant to be “easy.” Talking with a number of our lay staff, weekends are anything but “easy” – there are activities for children, grandchildren, needs of aging parents. Ordinary today is defined as “fill every minute of the day.”

We need to make a conscious effort to get back to the real meaning of ordinary – work, play, pray. This is the trinity of ordinary.

There is a restaurant near here that advertises “NO TIPPING if phones or other electronic devices are not used.” Imagine talking face to face! This would be back to “ordinary time.”

Encouraging children to go out and play – back to ordinary time. Sending a card or letter instead of text or email – back to ordinary time. Sitting down for a meal as a family – back to ordinary time.

Dropping in for a visit – back to ordinary time. Returning the favor – back to ordinary time. I could go on and on – but you know what I mean.

This is ordinary me wishing each of ordinary you some ordinary “easy living.”

Barb Vaughan, CSJ



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